To Dr. Fischbein

From Dr. Fischbein to

Of Protest to Hospitals



               I read once that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. With all the problems facing our health care system is a stand against out of hospital birthing really a necessary battle for organized medicine to take on? Will government waste its time outlawing homebirths and mylar balloons because its easy while the issues that really affect our lives are left unattended to? It may be trendy for the AMA to base its recommendation on anecdotal stories but it is silly and unscientific.  And isn't there a boatload of anecdotes condemning hospital births, as well? Somebody remind them that you cannot legislate out errors and misfortunes, nor stupidity. There are so many protocols and regulations in hospitals now that health care personnel are not trained to think and care becomes assembly line rather than individualized and personal. America once stood for individual liberty. Where sayings like, "I may not agree with what you say, but would fight to the death for your right to say it!" moved us to tears. What happened? Answer: In my learned opinion the American legal system and Insurance industry living in a symbiotic relationship preying on every misfortune and growing rich. Here is something that affects every American negatively every day. Those of us actually practicing medicine and caring for patients know this to be the greatest threat to the mission and responsibility we have chosen to undertake. This is where the AMA should put in its time and energy. A woman's autonomy is not and should not be the concern of lobbyists and American governments.

-Stuart Fischbein